About the Client

PeopleKeys is an expert in behavioral analysis with over 35 years of experience in customized behavioral assessments. The company over the years has built an international platform that enables HR departments, individual entrepreneurs and many more to carry out trainings, profiling its employees and candidates, prepare motivational systems and plenty of other features based on DISC Personality Types.

The challenge

Because of their success and growth that followed, Brad Smith – the company’s CEO, has decided to keep the pace and stay on top with the help of a partner, that would deliver IT solutions, including both ideas and resources. The most important factor, though, was to establish a close relationship with a trusted business partner for a long-term cooperation.
The expectation from PeopleKeys was to be presented with possible partners, that would aid their current needs and be able to accompany them with the growth. Brad was referred to EastKraft by a common contact that has previously worked with us and suggested that we can help..


The approach was a standard and a straightforward one in this case, since the Client had his needs already well defined and articulated them at the first meeting, during which we were able to present the whole process of the service and its predicted outcome. What followed was detailing the requirements with all extra relevant information and expectations.
After cross-checking that the shortlisted IT providers meet the requirements in full Brad was presented with the top 3 companies along with CV’s of their best programmers. When an extra requirement popped out, the selection was complete and one of the candidates chosen.
What followed was the first talk with the CEO of the chosen partner and assigning the first test task, while an NDA was signed in the meantime. When a task was successfully completed it was clear that there is a match.


The immediate benefits from establishing the cooperation with the new partner was stabilizing current version of the platform, allowing the high availability for its customers. All outstanding tasks were immediately resolved and the team was able to focus on development of new features.
In the long run, based on positive results from the cooperation, PeopleKeys decided to broaden scope of responsibilities handed over to its new partner and scheduled new functionalities to be introduced to the platform.