Exclusive business development


Reduce costs, gain value

One of the most effective ways to increase company’s capacity and reducing costs of its staff is to set up an overseas office. Europe with Poland in particular is known to be the cradle of the most valuable IT specialists in the world. If compared with the cost of IT services in the USA, Australia or even other European countries, Poland proves to be the best choice in terms of value for money as an IT resources provider.

Your office elsewhere

Setting up an office in another country may seem like a complicated, time and money consuming venture. In fact, the whole process may actually take as fast as a week and cost less than a single employee’s wage. The key for successful transition of processes to a new location is a structured plan that reflects actual needs and purpose of the venture as well as experienced guide and reliable services providers.

Briefly, the process takes as little as several steps that need to be taken along the path. These are:
– Registering the legal form of the enterprise (form of the entity based on expected income, size, etc.).
– Setting up the address of the office (virtual or actual venue, depending on the needs).
– Establishing cooperation with payroll, legal and accounting service providers.
– Bank credits, loans, leasing or other financing for the enterprise (if needed).
– Creating legal documents: regulations, processes, rules, terms of service, etc.
– Hiring first local employees.

Your guide overseas

These are the basic matters one will face when attempting to go with his business overseas. Straightforward as it may seem, the whole venture might actually be uneasy without a local guide. We are able to lead our clients through the whole process, taking over all the necessary legal and organizational tasks as a local representative.


As a representative of your company in Europe we can set up, from scartch, an overseas office and fill it with your new employees. No need for you to take any additional actions apart from providing basic information about your industry and plans for your new office. We will lead you through the whole process and take care of all the burdensome matters for you.

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