In general

Our core competence is IT outsourcing. Since 2011 provide experienced developers as teams or individual specialists to join IT departments of our clients. The process is very simple and straightforward. After receiving requirements about needed resource we present proposals of the best matching specialists to join the team. Our client can interview the candidate or request a test task to be completed, and it is all free of charge. When a best IT provider is chosen, the agreement is signed and we can start coding.

Simple as that!


Our goal is to generate value that will bring profits to our clients. As a specialized and flexible company, we achieve excellent results thanks to the ability to adapt to the requirements of our client.

Our main core competences are:

Exclusive business development. As your full-time representative we provide you through the whole process or establishing an overseas IT department, including all the legal matters, finding the right spot for establishing your office and filling it with your new IT specialists.

IT partners. We provide you with the list of best IT providers in Europe that may assist your growth and aid your IT team. You will get resumes of their programmers and samples of their coding, followed by an interview with chosen companies to have full spectrum of their capabilities.

Outsourcing programmers. We can also help you find a single-best IT specialist that can work for you directly or join your team.