Efektivo Lex

Efektivo Lex

About the Client

Efektivo Lex is a modern debt collection program addressed to companies and people who are looking for software supporting the handling of activities related to debt collection. The program contains many unique features such as mass letter generation, direct sending of cases to EPU, creation of a full history of actions in the case.

The challenge

Efektivo is a small business with big product. It is handled by a small group of developers but requires constant attention and extra-fast response to client needs. Originally the team was consisting of premanently employed programmers that were responsible for the condition of the platform. To meet growing expectations of the market new features and upgrades were needed. This involved additional resources with a new set of skills.


An interview with the client and a lead developer allowed to produce a requirements list for the new team member. Based on that, a set of candidates were presented from which two of them were invited for a test set of tasks to be completed. Results were checked by the CEO and one of the candidates invited to the team. The cooperation was based on a B2B basis, allowing the client to handle the budget more efficiently with an option to flexibly increase and decrease amount of development assigned to resources.


The immediate benefits from establishing the cooperation with the new partner was updating the platform with all the urgent features. Additionally all of the outstanding tasks and client requests were replied to instantly. Long term changes were gradual taking over of the development by the programmers provider and increase of the qualified team members.