Alfa Finance

Alfa Finance

About the Client

Alfa Finance is a financial company based in Latvia with branches in majority of the European capitals. Their main goal is to provide financial solutions to individuals as well as corporate clients.

The challenge

Trying to access new clients for financial products the client had to produce channels for the inflow of new deals. Also internal systems for communication, documentation circulation and client management systems had to be constantly updated. The company was basing its IT development on a team located near the headquarters in Latvia. With time, though, the needs for development were growing and so were the costs of a local IT department.


Based on requirements composed by the IT team leader a recruitment for additional IT resources was commenced. Candidates were presented as they were available and initial interviews arranged. A plan to install a remote IT team in Poland was placed and budgeted to gradually move the support and development abroad.


The client managed to create and implement budget optimisation plan where IT department restructuring was the main factor. The company gained possibility of acquiring experienced professionals for competitive prices which, in long term, enabled increasing sales and marketing advantage in the Web.